Dinosaur Hunter Wild animal hunting 3D- safari jungle hunting games offer you Dino hunting puzzle games where you as a Dino hunter reload your sniper rifle and show your carnivores wild animal & dinosaur hunter skills in safari jungles hunting game. This carnivore Wild Animal Hunter & Dino Hunting Games brings you to the next level of hunting and shootings with modern weapons like snipers, semi-machine guns, automatic machine guns, and many more collections of different hunting tools and guns that can provide you best hunting experience that can hunt Dino from miles away. Real dinosaur hunter sniper shooting game is a hunting adventure game, where you select the best sniper guns & machine guns for safari hunters. Find your target in the jungle to know where your target is, search for your prey and then shoot 3D dinosaurs, deer, lions, tigers, etc. Jurassic safari park dinosaur hunter game can be played offline hunting for offline dinosaur hunter, offline deer hunting, offline t-rex hunter.