Nerf War: Call of Duty Gun Game in real life! The first to get a kill with all 20 Nerf blasters wins the battle!

🔥 Shoutout to these companies for helping me create this video:
– War Zone Battle Inflatables by Ninostar. Using these Blow-Up bunkers you can create the perfect environment for a blaster battle! Get your own here:
– X-Shot for sending me a lot of products used in this video, including their inflatable target!

This seventh edition, shot at a gym, includes the following Nerf blasters: Fortnite HC-E, Elite Nitefinder, Modulus Ionfire, X-Shot Dino Attack Striker 2x, Barricade, Alpha Strike Fang, Spectre, D-Dart Tempest, Rival Hades, Fortnite BASR-L, Titan, Alpha Trooper, Trilogy, Laser360 2x, Monopoly Cash Grab, Reflex-6, Recon, Splitstrike, On the Go Blaster Keychain and Nerf Sports Pocket Vortex Aero Howler.

This video is inspired by:
– Aaron Esser:
– Call of Duty:

🔫 – Team Deathmatch:
🎬 – The Making Of:

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🎥 Gear:
– GoPro Hero 5 Black
– Sony RX100 MK III
– Final Cut Pro x

Thanks for watching, Joep.