What’s up gamers! Join me as I show you how to troubleshoot your light guns (because they can get off track from time to time) and give you a tour through a few games on the HQ Megacade. There are a lot of light gun games on here and I just wanted to show you a variety of them and well they play. Hope you all enjoy. be sure to hit that thumbs up for more.


The troubleshoot/recalibration that I did in this video is a quick fix if you run into this particular issue where the light guns cursor isn’t reading correctly or not reading at all. EHA machine owners there’s also other ways to recalibrate your light guns by enabling USB in settings & also checking your calibration via Big Buck Hunter which can both be found in your owners manual.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Intro

0:23 – Troubleshooting Light Guns
9:30 – The House of the Dead 3
16:40 – Operation Wolf
19:50 – Shh Welcome to Fright Fearland
26:50 – Steel Gunner
32:24 – Let’s Go Jungle
39:31 – Carnevil
44:36 – Point Blank
50:12 – Duck Hunt
56:09 – Revolution X
1:00:50 – Dragon Gun
1:05:10 – Final Thoughts/Outro

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