Great Light Gun games on Raspberry Pi 4

##Settings tips at the bottom of description##

Pi 4 8GB with 64GB Retropie. Wii remote paired with Mayflsh Dolphin bar.


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Lightgun Games on Raspberry Pi 4 with the Mayflash Dolphin Bar.

64bit Retropie with GameCube & Wii. Raspberry Pi 4.

Wine. Running Windows Programs in Linux. Raspberry Pi 4 Twister OS.

Settings tips

My notes

X-y device mouse
Onscreen overlay touched

Nes reload / shoot reversed
Port 1 zapper
Zapper mode mouse
Inputs from overlay touched

Psx beetle 64bit Retropie
Input 1 guncon
Input 2 playstation
Gun1 mouse 2 trigger
Gun2 –
Gun3 A reload
Gun4 +

Port 1 lightgun
Define Lightgun controls