Gel Guns meets Call of Duty Gun Game for the first time! The first player to get a kill with all 16 weapons wins the war! Featuring Gel Guns from Nerf, Mr Beast, Gel Blaster, Unlocx, SplatRBall, CosmoxToys, and more!


It’s Aaron! โ–ถ๏ธ
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Aaron ๐Ÿ™‚

00:00 Loading Screen
00:17 Gel Blaster Surge XL
00:31 Nerf Mr Beast Gelfire
00:42 Unlocx V2
00:57 Gel Blaster Surge
01:13 Nerf Gelfire Legion
01:33 Mike’s Killcam
01:54 Gel Grenade
02:08 Aquanaut Galaxy
02:35 Gunstar P90
02:49 Gel Blaster Depot
03:09 Splattr-Ball SRB1200
03:37 Mitch’s Killcam
04:00 Burgers and Gel Fest
04:45 Drink Up! Humiliations!
05:27 Gel Blaster Starfire
05:51 Sirius Galaxy
06:13 Unlocx Rifle
06:26 Adam’s Killcam
06:45 M4A1 Blaster
07:03 Unlocx V1
07:19 Unlocx Bottle
07:36 Austin’s Killcam
08:10 Unlocx Bottle Attempt 2
08:41 Mitch’s Killcam 2
08:54 Final Fight
09:53 Final Killcam
10:10 Winner’s Circle!
10:29 Hit that Join Button!