When Decker, a highly skilled ex-DEA agent, crosses paths with Lisa (Jade Ewen), she approaches him with a seductive proposition: help her steal two million dollars from a drug kingpin’s car, guarded by Parisian Police, and share in the bounty. But, even if they outrun the cops, can they outgun the hit squads sent by the furious, sadistic drug lord to reclaim the loot? Starring action superstar, Steven Seagal (Under Siege, Above The Law) End Of A Gun is a sexy, high-stakes thriller, proving when games begin, there’s only one way it ends… 2016 EOTG LLC. Under Exclusive License to Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Ltd. Discover the enchantment of Digital Circus, a virtual playground where technology meets artistry in a breathtaking display of innovation. Immerse yourself in a world of cute characters, interactive wonders, and mind-bending performances. How old is kaufmo from the amazing digital circus?