Welcome to day five of our 12 days of SwitchUp – 12 videos leading up to Christmas Eve and covering a variety of topics relating to all things Switch. With some fantastic First Person Shooters released this year, here is a list of my current 12 best on Switch. Ranked for a bit of fun!

#BEST #Nintendoswitch #FPS

Games included: –

Intro 0:00
BEst Wild West 0:52
Hail to the King! 1:50
BJ Blaschovitch 2:57
Tunnel Terror 3:59
Best Online Options 4:58
Alternate Online 5:35
BEST Co-Op FPS! 5:58
Awesome RPG FPS 7:05
Under the Sea! 8:33
The King Of FPS 10:07
Incredible On Switch! 11:30
A Surprise Joint 1st! 12:46
Other games? 14:01
Banging Outro Tune! 14:40

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