In this pure Atari ST Launch Box session #1, let’s further explore the #Atar ST Game Library by looking at 25 “vertical run and gun games”.

#2 over head Run n Gun + Gauntlet games

Some of these are direct arcade conversions, some are SEUCK games where the objective is not to fly, but to be on the ground shooting or exploring, and a couple are military vehicle games in tanks, etc. A couple might actually progress to be 4 way shooters at some point in gameplay, but for the most part at least start out at vertical run and gun. We leave all of the real 4-way shooters to the Gauntlet and Dany a-likes video
I have left the real DRIVE on a road and shoot games such as Action Fighter for the Drive and Shoot video that is coming up.

I have pre-configured all of these games to play easily in Windows Launch Box. If you have any questions about using the ST on #Launchbox leave them below. If you have a suggestion for another compilation video for Atari or any platform, please leave them below. Also, did I miss any? Send over your suggestions and comments.

This intro is all the talking you will hear. Grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy about 30 minutes of #Atari ST Blasting ASMR Goodness

Opening 0:00
Archmage 1:40
Blazing Thunder 2:40
Blood and Bullets 3:40
Caverns of Nerak 4:40
Commando 5:40
Crazy Harold to the Rescue 7:13
Die Alien Blob 8:00
Dogs of War 9:13
Fernandez Must Die 10:13
Future Sport 11:13
Ikari Warriors 12:13
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road 13:13
Key to Atlantis 14:13
Leatherneck 15:13
Leavin’ Teramis 16:13
Liberator 17:13
Mercs 18:13
Mystical 19:30
Time Soldier 20:30
TNT 22:50
Vindicators 23:50
Wanted / Outlaw 24:50
War Zone 25:50
Warzone (Eidersoft) 27:30
Wormhole 28:30
Closing 29:30

Late night fuel support appreciated but not demanded :

All music, video production. writing and game play by #JeffFulton and or #SteveFulton unless otherwise noted. (c)8bitrocket Studios #
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Theme by Brian Travis
Title: Into The Vertical Blank theme Words & music by Brian Travis (c)(p)2021 Taste This Moment Music ASCAP

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